Understanding Your Racism

You’ve heard it before. “I’m not racist, but…” But. What this person means is “But I’m going to identify a common racial stereotype that emphasizes why I’m frustrated about a particular occurrence that happened to me and blame it on the entire group of people because it seems to me they all like to act this way/do this.” Yea, we know. You’re not racist. You … Continue reading Understanding Your Racism

The Patriarchy Exists Without Trump

… Trump just makes it worse. I read a sign at a protest that said, “The problem is not that Trump is racist, it’s that his racism wasn’t a deal breaker.” For myself and many other progressive individuals the deal breakers far surpassed the fact that DT is a racist bigot. On the list of deal breakers became one issue that I’ve recently become very passionate … Continue reading The Patriarchy Exists Without Trump

Right, Left, Doesn’t Matter – Trump Sucks.

I’ve been struggling a great deal since November 8th. I’m more emotional in a way I did not know I would be because no one could have predicted such an American failure. Nate Silver himself could not foresee a definitive outcome as he has carefully calculated in the past, although there were warnings. He warned us, Michael Moore warned us and now I still sit … Continue reading Right, Left, Doesn’t Matter – Trump Sucks.